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Siamese Neural Network

Word-2-Vec Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Why we needed the word-2-vec when we already have Bags of word and TF-IDF algorithms in NLP? The word 2 vec gives us a crucial data optimization as well as …

Bag of Words (BoW) Algorithm NLP

The Bag of Words most commonly used in methods of document classifications where the repetition or occurrence of each word is used as the feature for training the classifier.

Semi-supervised Learning

Semi-supervised Learning is a combination of supervised and unsupervised learning in Machine Learning. In this technique, an algorithm learns from labelled data and unlabelled data (maximum datasets is unlabelled data and …

Unsupervised Learning

Unsupervised Learning is a machine learning technique where not all variables and data patterns are classified. Unsupervised Learning can be thought of as self-learning where the algorithm can find previously …

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning is an area of Machine Learning concerned with various software, a bunch of algorithm and programming. RL is different than Supervised, Semi-supervised and Unsupervised Learning. The RL doesn’t …

Supervised Learning

Supervised Learning is a Machine Learning task in which a function programmed in such a way that it can predict next value without being explicitly programmed for it. Or in …

Machine Learning

Machine Learning subset of artificial intelligence is the scientific study of algorithm and statistical mathematics that used by the machine to perform the desired task without explicitly design to perform …

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Artificial Intelligence term was coined by McCarthy in 1956. The term was made by two ideas of McCarthy. 1-      Intelligence 2-      Artificial Device The ability to deal with cognitive complexity. …