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      Abhishek TyagiAbhishek Tyagi

      Question 1
      What is/are the advantage/s of Recommender Systems ?


      Recommender Systems provide a better experience for the users by giving them a broader exposure to many different products they might be interested in.
      Recommender Systems encourage users towards continual usage or purchase of their product
      Recommender Systems benefit the service provider by increasing potential revenue and better security for its consumers.

      All of the above. (Correct)

      Question 2
      What is a content-based recommendation system?


      Content-based recommendation system tries to recommend items to the users based on their profile built upon their preferences and taste.

      Question 3
      What is the meaning of “Cold start” in collaborative filtering?


      The difficulty in recommendation when we have new user, and we cannot make a profile for him, or when we have a new item, which has not got any rating yet.

      Question 4
      What is a “Memory-based” recommender system?


      In memory based approach, we use the entire user-item dataset to generate a recommendation system.

      Question 5
      What is the shortcoming of content-based recommender systems?


      Users will only get recommendations related to their preferences in their profile, and recommender engine may never recommend any item with other characteristics.

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