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      Yash AroraAnonymous

        Question 1 :
        What protocols are required for Internet communication?

        Answer : TCP or UDP/IP

        Question 2 :
        Which network device copies packets onto all ports?

        Answer : hub

        Question 3 :
        What is the protocol associated with the world wide web?

        Answer : HTTP

        Question 4 :
        A MANET protocol is likely to differ from a typical LAN protocol because a MANET protocol will

        Answer : consume less power than a typical LAN protocol.

        Question 5 :
        The function of a packet header is to

        Answer : contain packet information generated by a protocol layer.

        Question 6 :
        A packet sniffer is a tool that can be used to record local traffic on a network.

        Answer : True

        Question 7 :
        A hub can be used to communicate between two LANs with different protocols.

        Answer : False

        Question 8 :
        In the HTTP protocol, a request message is sent by a web client to a web server.

        Answer : True

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