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      Yash AroraYash Arora

      Question 1 –
      Why is the convolutional layer important in convolutional neural networks?

      Answer :
      Because if we do not use a convolutional layer, we will end up with a massive number of parameters that will need to be optimized and it will be super computationally expensive

      Question 2 –
      The following is a typical architecture of a convolutional neural network.

      Answer :

      Question 3 –
      For unsupervised learning, which of the following deep neural networks would you choose? Select all that apply

      Answer :

      Restricted Boltzmann Machines

      Question 4 –
      Recurrent Neural Networks are networks with loops, that don’t just take a new input at a time, but also take as input the output from the data point at the previous instance.

      Answer :

      Question 5
      Which of the following statements is correct?

      Answer :
      An autoencoder is an unsupervised neural network model that uses backpropagation by setting the target variable to be the same as the input

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