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      Abhishek TyagiAbhishek Tyagi

      Question 1
      Which one IS NOT a sample of classification problem?


      To predict the amount of money a customer will spend in one year.

      Question 2-
      Which of the following statements are TRUE about Logistic Regression? (select all that apply)


      Logistic regression can be used both for binary classification and multi-class classification
      Logistic regression is analogous to linear regression but takes a categorical/discrete target field instead of a numeric one.
      In logistic regression, the dependent variable is binary.

      Question 3
      Which of the following examples is/are a sample application of Logistic Regression? (select all that apply)


      The probability that a person has a heart attack within a specified time period using person’s age and sex.
      Customer’s propensity to purchase a product or halt a subscription in marketing applications.
      Likelihood of a homeowner defaulting on a mortgage.
      Estimating the blood pressure of a patient based on her symptoms and biographical data.

      Question 4
      Which one is TRUE about the kNN algorithm?


      kNN algorithm can be used to estimate values for a continuous target.

      Question 5
      What is “information gain” in decision trees?


      It is the entropy of a tree before split minus weighted entropy after split by an attribute.

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