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      Abhishek TyagiAbhishek Tyagi

      1.Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to (check all that apply)
      – Create a table
      – Delete data
      – Insert data

      2.Which of these is the right syntax to make a new table?
      ==>CREATE TABLE people;

      3.Which SQL command is used to insert a new row into a table?
      ==> INSERT INTO

      4.Which command is used to retrieve all records from a table?
      ==>SELECT * FROM Users

      5.Which keyword will cause the results of the query to be displayed in sorted order?
      ==>ORDER BY

      6.In database terminology, another word for table is

      7.In a typical online production environment, who has direct access to the production database?
      ==>Database Administrator

      8.Which of the following is the database software used in this class?

      9.What happens if a DELETE command is run on a table without a WHERE clause?
      ==>All the rows in the table are deleted

      10.Which of the following commands would update a column named “name” in a table named “Users”?
      ==>UPDATE Users SET name=’new name’ WHERE …

      11.What does this SQL command do?
      SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Users
      Hint: This is not from the lecture
      ==>It counts the rows in the table Users

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