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      Yash AroraYash Arora

      Question 1 :
      A light sensor (photoresistor) is an analog sensor.

      Answer : True

      Question 2 :
      A microphone is a digital sensor.

      Answer : False

      Question 3 :
      A push button is an analog sensor.

      Answer : False

      Question 4 :
      A keyboard is a digital sensor.

      Answer : True

      Question 5 :
      Which of the following components are actuators? Select all that apply.

      Answer :

      a servo motor
      an LED
      a heating element

      Question 6 :
      The component of an embedded system that executes a program is:

      Answer : a microcontroller

      Question 7 :
      An analog-to-digital converter is common in embedded systems because

      Answer : many sensors are analog while the microcontroller is digital.

      Question 8 :
      Consider the anti-lock braking system in a car. What are the main sensors and actuators of this system from the perspective of the driver?

      Answer : brake pedal and brake calipers and pads

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