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      Yash AroraYash Arora

      Question 1 :
      My watch displays the current weather downloaded from the Internet. My watch is an IoT device.

      Answer : True

      Question 2 :
      Which of the following could be an IoT device?

      Answer : all of the above

      Question 3 :
      An IoT device can most easily be differentiated from a standard computer based on

      Answer : interface with the user and the world

      Question 4 :
      The following trend is NOT related to the growth in IoT technology:

      Answer : Increase in computer monitor size over time.

      Question 5 :
      IoT devices are likely to be more vulnerable to cyberattacks than standard computers.

      Answer : True

      Question 6 :
      Which of these security approaches is feasible for most IoT devices?

      Answer : Regular installation of product firmware updates.

      Question 7 :
      IoT devices gather private information about users. Which statement is most true about the security of that data?

      Answer : Users must rely on data-collecting agencies to securely store and transmit their data.

      Question 8 :
      Although people are aware of the dangers of cyberattacks, they often do not understand the risks to IoT devices.

      Answer : True

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