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      Yash AroraYash Arora

      Question 1
      Which of the following are applications of deep learning?

      Answer :
      All of the Above

      Question 2-
      An artificial neural network can be composed of which of the following types of layers?

      Answer :
      Hidden Layer
      Input Layer
      Output Layer

      Question 3 –
      A artificial neuron is so powerful that it can perform complex tasks by simply performing a linear combination of its inputs.

      Answer :

      Question 4 –
      Given below is a neural network with one neuron that takes two float numbers as inputs.
      Question 4
      What is the value of z for the given x1 and x2 (Give your answer to three decimal places)

      Answer :

      Question 5 –
      The model in the previous question uses the sigmoid activation function. What is the output of the network?

      Answer :

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