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      Yash AroraYash Arora

      Question 1
      What type of connector does an Arduino UNO not contain?

      Answer : HDMI connector

      Question 2
      How many microcontrollers are available for user programming on the Arduino UNO?

      Answer : 1

      Question 3
      The Arduino UNO contains a user-controllable LED connected to which pin?

      Answer : Digital pin 13

      Question 4
      True or False: Analog pin A0 can be used as an analog output.

      Answer : True

      Question 5
      Through what interface is the bootloader typically reprogrammed?

      Answer : ICSP

      Question 6
      True or False: The schematic shows the connections between components and their placement on the board.

      Answer : False

      Question 7
      What operation in the IDE triggers code to be written into the memory of the Arduino?

      Answer : Upload

      Question 8
      Which statement about the serial monitor is NOT true?

      Answer : The serial monitor is a program that executes on the Arduino.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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