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      Abhishek TyagiAbhishek Tyagi

      9.4 Write a program to read through the mbox-short.txt and figure out who has the sent the greatest number of mail messages. The program looks for ‘From ‘ lines and takes the second word of those lines as the person who sent the mail. The program creates a Python dictionary that maps the sender’s mail address to a count of the number of times they appear in the file. After the dictionary is produced, the program reads through the dictionary using a maximum loop to find the most prolific committer.

      #Use mbox-short.txt as File name
      name = input("Enter file:")
      tekst = open(name)
      dic = {}
      for lines in tekst:
          if lines.startswith("From "):
              words = lines.split()
              email = words[1]
              dic[email] = dic.get(email, 0)+1
      i = None
      j = None
      for k, v in dic.items():
          if j is None or j < v:
              j = v
              i = k
      print(i, j)
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