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      Abhishek TyagiAbhishek Tyagi

      Following Links in Python

      In this assignment you will write a Python program that expands on The program will use urllib to read the HTML from the data files below, extract the href= vaues from the anchor tags, scan for a tag that is in a particular position relative to the first name in the list, follow that link and repeat the process a number of times and report the last name you find.

      We provide two files for this assignment. One is a sample file where we give you the name for your testing and the other is the actual data you need to process for the assignment

      Sample problem: Start at
      Find the link at position 3 (the first name is 1). Follow that link. Repeat this process 4 times. The answer is the last name that you retrieve.
      Sequence of names: Fikret Montgomery Mhairade Butchi Anayah
      Last name in sequence: Anayah
      Actual problem: Start at:
      Find the link at position 18 (the first name is 1). Follow that link. Repeat this process 7 times. The answer is the last name that you retrieve.
      Hint: The first character of the name of the last page that you will load is: M

      # Enter URL:
      # Enter count: 7
      # Enter position: 18
      # Retrieving:
      # Retrieving:
      # Retrieving:
      # Retrieving:
      # Retrieving:
      # Retrieving:
      # Retrieving:
      # Last Url:
      ###########Final Answer is:
      #Name: Mhea
      import urllib.request as ur
      from bs4 import *
      current_repeat_count = 0
      url = input('Enter URL: ')
      repeat_count = int(input('Enter count: '))
      position = int(input('Enter position: '))
      def parse_html(url):
          html = ur.urlopen(url).read()
          soup = BeautifulSoup(html, 'html.parser')
          tags = soup('a')
          return tags
      while current_repeat_count < repeat_count:
          print('Retrieving: ', url)
          tags = parse_html(url)
          for index, item in enumerate(tags):
              if index == position - 1:
                  url = item.get('href', None)
                  name = item.contents[0]
          current_repeat_count += 1
      print('Last Url: ', url)
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      Pavel NgaybePavel Ngaybe

      Thanks, this was helpful. The assignment is a true test of all what I have learnt in this course this far. If I may ask, what prompted you to use the line “def parse_html(url)”? As a beginner, it is kind of challenging for me to figure that out. Is there any other approach(code) to solve this problem?

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