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Robotics with Python is a platform created by Programmers to serve the Programmer Community. The platform is maintained by Programmers from all races of life including Students, Professionals, and Professors from various reputed institutes.

Robotics With Python is focused to help beginners in the field of Artificial IntelligenceData ScienceMachine Learning, Deep Learning, and the Internet of Things based product development and deployment. With the help of easy to follow tutorials and articles along with clean and concise source code hosted upon our Github repository.

We also conduct various workshops, seminars, webinars, and other tutorials for students who wish to learn application-based programming. Besides, we also explore and innovate by applying programming in our daily lives and further promote our innovations on various platforms including social media. 

We are trying to create a World-Class Artificial Intelligence base, An In-depth understanding for those who are looking forward to having a career in this field. We give them a detailed understanding of each topic they are looking for, to arm them with a solid foundation.

We’re making industry-leading and application based Artificial Intellegence education accessible to people around the globe so that we can all benefit from an AI-powered future.

Break into #AI

Our primary objective is to master the world of Artificial Intelligence using the techniques of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Reinforcement Learning.

Anyone can contribute to this community with their time and knowledge.
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